Sivon was exactly what I needed in my business at the time

She helped me get clear on my target market and develop my brand to fit me perfectly. Since working with her I have been able to sign my first two clients. Not only did she help me build my business and grow it, but working with her was wonderful because she was so empathetic to my struggles and needs!


I was lucky to come across Sivon at a point when my business was just needing a marketing boost

Her creative nature combined with her intuitive marketing mindset enabled me to pick up some ideas that would work with my marketing strategy. She didn’t just work with me to come up with the ideas but also set targets and dates and held me accountable to those dates, sometimes this extra level of accountability other than to myself was needed to get actions completed. I found her easy to get along with, very personable and the distance, almost on the other side of the world didn’t seem to detract at all from the relationship or the benefits. In summary, I would highly recommend Sivon as a coach especially if you would benefit from her unique creative approach.


Sivon and I have had 10 conversations in the past couple of months regarding my professional plans.

Whether it be through text, phone call, or in person, Sivon was always willing to listen and give her input. Rarely do you find a person that is willing to listen and help you improve yourself in many different ways. Sivon has this way about her; she cares, she truly does. She cares because she sees the potential that you might be blinded by. I am a 23 year old learning every day in work and in life. I had the pleasure to work with Sivon and I have learned a great deal from her.

The conversations that we have had have been extremely beneficial. Every conversation that we had, I felt like I learned something new. Something, that I could take away from the conversation, and apply it to my everyday life. She makes you think about different scenarios and what the best option might be for you. She gave me the best advice that made me rethink my current and future mindset. She told me if you want to be somewhere, something, or someone in 5 years or 10 years you should start to think like that right now. Life is about preparation and that is something that I will never forget from my talks with Sivon. The last thing I will say is Sivon has so much to offer as a coach. If you get the chance to have her as your coach you will not be disappointment. If you let her know where you are at right now, and what your future plans are, she will absolutely put you on a great path to achieve your goals.