Bumble Dream Job Application

Applicant Name: Sivon Demi Pichoto


A Little about me

I’ve been a graphic designer for 10+ years and have worked on creative projects across many different mediums throughout the years. Some of the capabilities I can apply to this position include:

  • Graphic, Print, & Web Design

  • Cinematography (Both filming and editing) + Commercial Production

  • Podcasting & Audio Edits

  • Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Live Social Media Event Capture

  • Creative Writing

Sivon Pichoto's application for the #BumbleDreamJob.

Design, Video, & Social media work

Click the button below to see the wide range of design, video, and social media work that I have completed. The button leads to my company website (TRU57), which is my digital design agency. The “Work” tab highlights a lot of the print and web design I’ve done as well as some video samples that I have filmed and edited. The “Case Studies” tab has some more in-depth examples of creative work.

Within the case studies, The Subaru of Cherry Hill tab will give you examples of commercials I’ve produced, the “Fools Roll” tab will give you an example of live social media event capture, the “La Mega” tab will highlight a social media marketing campaign, and the “Coronato Property Group” tab will highlight a wide variety of print, web, and design work, as well as some video production.


Video Edit Example

(For a Bumble Biz Sponsored Event)




Writing Samples

Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and whether it’s writing articles, poetry, or long form social media posts, I definitely have the ability to write in a voice that people can relate to and understand. Although I haven’t published a lot of my personal writing, the below pieces are some that are available for you to read.

Contains one opinion article, and one visual poetry flip-book in the “Series” section.


The three short chapters below come from a fiction novel I’m working on called “Pieces of a Girl”. The idea behind it is that we all have seemingly disconnected moments that happen in our life, and sometimes we don’t realize how they’re connected until later on. Each chapter in the book seeks to highlight one “random” moment in a girl’s life, but as you continue reading you start to see how each little moment, or “piece” fits together to form a bigger picture of the character’s life.


Have you ever felt the Earth stop just from looking at someone? I’m not taking about the butterflies you get when you think you’ve met your soulmate; this is different. It’s when you can feel the pull and static from another person without ever making eye contact. It’s an indescribable connection, but I’m feeling that right now.

I don’t know who he is, but a few days ago I noticed him as he walked across the lecture room, and I could feel that there was something different about him. He was wearing a red zip-up hoodie and a matching black and red baseball hat. To everyone else, he was just another guy in our class, but something about his energy was magnifying. He caught my attention, and he continues to catch my attention every time he walks through those doors.

The Fall

I was only a few feet away when it happened. She wanted her picture taken so she handed her phone to her boyfriend and turned to face him. Her back was to the edge of the balcony and the city fell silent behind her. The order of events that happened next all blur together, but the look on her face as she fell over the edge will forever be locked in my mind.

There was a rumor going around that she was pushed, but she wasn’t. I was there. She tripped. I watched as she tried to back up to get in the perfect position for the picture. I don’t think she realized how close she was to the edge. The balcony didn’t even have a fucking railing; just a 10 inch lip around the edge. Slow clap for the idiots who built that shit. When she started to fall, time stood still.

Her boyfriend lunged to try to catch her along with everyone else who saw it happening, but we were all too late. She fell 40 feet to the bottom and that was it. Lipstick Girl was gone. Yeah she was drinking, but so was everyone else. For the longest time I tried to wrap my head around why that would happen to her. She seemed like such a nice girl. Why did I have to meet her right before she died?


Today I woke up with a surprising sense of calm. Maybe it was the way the sunlight was coming through my window at just the right angle, or the way my blankets were perfectly cradled around me. It was one of those days where you wake up and you’re like, “Wow, it’s good to be alive.” It’s not a feeling I get very often. I felt free; like the Earth shifted in a cosmic way to form a new and bright path for me. Maybe today would be different.

Most people write journals or diaries because they just want to get their thoughts down. It’s their way of coping. They need to vent about their day somehow and the only way they can express their innermost thoughts is by writing it down. I don’t write for that reason. I write because I want someone to find this. Maybe one day when I’m gone, they’ll find these pages and discover the truth. Maybe they’ll finally put the pieces together and realize what I’ve been trying to tell them.