Sivon Demi

My Story

When you decide to turn passion into profit it changes your world.

You’re here probably expecting me to tell you a long story about how I “made it”, and how I went from nothing to creating a highly profitable business. In my opinion, we’re all still in the process of “making it”, and your definition of what that means for you is very different from mine, and I’m here to help you discover that definition.

When I was 17 years old, I discovered my love for graphic design when I took a Photoshop class in high school. From there, I purchased the program and started teaching myself everything I know about design and branding. I practiced for hours and hours; slowly building up my skills and clientele from a small desk in the corner of my bedroom. It was always just a hobby for me and something I enjoyed doing, and even though I was making money from small projects here and there, I never imagined I could take it full time.

I never had a mentor tell me that I could turn that skill into a business. I never had anyone show me the steps to take it to the next level. I ended up going to college at Temple University for marketing and business and it wasn’t until my last couple years in college when I discovered entrepreneurship.


the road less traveled isn’t always easy, but your purpose makes it all worth it.


I always thought that creating a business required a lot of money and a physical location. Even after college, I didn’t have the confidence to start my business and ended up doing what a lot of graduates do - I got a job. A 9-5 lacking passion and purpose and ultimately drained my soul. It took me 2 years and a life-changing experience to realize just how important it is to live life doing what you love.

In 2016, my mom went into the hospital with a brain aneurysm and was told she would have a 30% chance of living, and even if she did live, she might not have a great quality of life. That event triggered something inside me. Why was I wasting my life and precious time siiting in a job that I couldn’t stand to be at? Why was I living every day miserable and letting my close family and friends see me that way? I’m glad to report my mom is doing extremely well and overcame all the odds, but that day was the day I put in a 3-month notice at my job.

I made it my mission to find one client who could replace my full time income, and guess what? By the end of the 3 month deadline, I found that client who paid me exactly the amount I needed to kick start my business. Sure, some might call it luck or divine timing, but it took hard work and the entire 3 months of negotiation to get that contract, and the way I see it; the universe rewards bravery. So when you feel the urge to jump, JUMP. The universe will be there to show you the way.

Since that leap in 2016 I’ve been through everything imaginable. I’ve had my own office space, then got rid of that office space, I’ve hired freelancers and lost freelancers, I’ve had a business partner, and I’ve had that partnership fail. I’ve rebranded myself multiple times and picked myself up through it all and continued.

Since the day I picked up Photoshop at age 17, I’ve been gaining clients and growing my digital agency, TRU57 to what it is today. I’ve cracked the code for making money from my talent and have been making a full-time income from it ever since. I finally made it! Or so I thought.

In 2018, I went through a breakup that challenged the believe I had in myself and my business. I was co-dependent on someone else’s confidence in me and when I didn’t have that someone there every day telling me that I could do it, I let fear get the best of me and went back to a job again for 6-7 months. But then I quit, AGAIN and finally regained the confidence in myself that I knew I had all along. Watch my Facebook Live announcing this move.

Through huge leaps, soul searching, confidence building and just straight hustle on becoming the best person I can be, I finally have recognized my purpose and without a doubt can finally stand on my own in believing that I am worthy of everything I’ve created. The opportunities I’ve had to travel and work in the past year have been unbelievable and I believe that everyone deserves to have a life they feel fired up about living.


My Mission


My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs kick ass in creating the life of their dreams. Your skill is not meant to be sitting on the sidelines, but rather directly in front of your face, propelling your life forward so you can escape the soul-sucking version of a 9-5 that our outdated society has created. I believe in the economy of one: YOU, and I want to help you avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls I experienced starting a business on my own with no help. I’ll help you get clear on your purpose, your offerings, and teach you the practical steps you need to make money with your skill, but it all starts from within. Are you brave enough to face yourself, and destroy every limiting belief that has held you back until now?

Are you ready to create from within?